01 februari 1953 – Flood-OUTREACH SOUTH NETHERLANDS

region - Due to the severe distress westerstorm combined with spring tides at various places in Southwest Netherlands breached the dykes. Large parts of Zeeland, Brabant and Zuid-Holland flooded. The death toll is around 2000. Most of those injured in the village of Old Tonge Goeree-Overflakee. There were over 300 mensen om. The damage can hardly estimate.

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Rijswijk - Governor Prince Maurice met the Spanish commander Spinola at Hoornbrug in Rijswijk. The two will negotiate peace between Spain and the Netherlands. The result was the twelve-year truce (1609-1621).

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01 februari 1965 - ROTTERDAM HAS third river crossing: THE Brienenoordbrug

Rotterdam – Queen Juliana opened in the presence of Minister Van Aartsen the Brienenoordbrug. It is the third crossing of the city, After the Willemsbrug and Maastunnel. In 1989 a second bridge alongside the current installed.

01 februari 2012 - Vestia-TOPMAN STEEL GETTING ONTO

Rotterdam – The ailing housing corporation Vestia gets a new government. CEO Erik Staal gets because of the financial problems that have arisen. Cause of these problems, certain insurance, which are seen as very risky. In addition, many more Vestia had closed than was actually needed. After his departure, it appears that such a Steel 3,5 million in pension funds inherits.

01 februari 2015 - HUGE EXPLOSION IN FLAT Moddermanstraat

Rotterdam – With a powerful explosion in an apartment in Rotterdam Schiebroek are 12 touched people injured. The damage is big, several apartment houses are uninhabitable. Local residents say that the explosion occurred in the house of a man who had mental problems. He was, according to local residents just got home recorded after a period to have been.


Rotterdam – The Slinge in Rotterdam South is a boy of 13 year shot by a motorist. The victim, aware Soares, might as previously have thrown a snowball at the car of the shooter. The first suspect is convicted, but draw their witness statement during the appeal in, possibly under pressure from the accused. The man is acquitted.

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