Rotterdam – Of course clubs like Feyenoord, Sparta and Excelsior much older, but the oldest professional club in Rotterdam today 1954 (01-07-1954) established: the Professional Football Rotterdam.

professional football in this period took his first steps in Netherlands. And then here and there became so popular in the Netherlands that a competition was in the making for professional footballers Rotterdam could not remain.

Already in April 1954 went the first rumors that SA. Professional Football Rotterdam was in the making. But as easy as it was not.

Because you can be collecting players, but the transition to the pros did have consequences. You were expelled from your club. If you're close to the Federal National Team (Orange) sat on, then could you also write on your belly.

There was also the problem of accommodation. The municipality of Rotterdam did not feel like to arrange a location "because it is a commercial enterprise '.

Prof League Amsterdam – Rotterdam in Hilversum (0-0) op 11 september 1954. Foto: Wim van Rossem, National Archives / Anefo

But with small steps, there still was a club in Rotterdam. Op 1 juli 1954 the club is established and there 50.000 guilders paid into the club's (a huge sum for that time). Donors can donate five guilders at the club and then get a proof.

Two weeks later, the club will take shape. The club then 15 players. They come from clubs in Rotterdam, Schiedam and Dordrecht. Star player is goalkeeper and international Wim Landman. Ex-internationals Jan Everse (father of the trainer Jan Everse) Cock a van der Tuyn.

The players get a fixed salary and bonuses of 40 guilders for a match won until 10 guilders for a defeat. Trainer is the Austrian Fuchs, who had previously worked with ADO. The club plays in green shirts with the Rotterdam arm out.

"The professional football club in Rotterdam Schie Book gained access to 2 fields on the Duyvestein sports and wants to build grandstands with capacity for 15.000 spectators. "

(Het Vrije Volk, 17-07-1954)

The club was often evasive in the early days to other locations, because the KNVB was often cross. Op 11 september 1954 BV Rotterdam plays its first game, nota bene at Amsterdam. The race is on 7.000 spectators finished in Hilversum (!).

Het Vrije Volk refers to the match as' an egg without salt’ one 'sfeerloos'. The fact that the game 0-0 thereby also helping end not really.

In November, it is clear that the two leagues, Sex Teachers, can not continue to exist alongside one another. The competition will be merged. Rotterdam pros go with the Hague pros to 'Flamingos' 54', but now called Holland Sport. The club plays in Scheveningen.


Rotterdam – Prince Willem Alexander opens the new version of the Willemsbrug in Rotterdam. It is the first official task of the young prince. The city massively running out to see the Queen and Prince Willem-Alexander.

“Rotterdam has rarely seen such a feast. The two bridges go to the heart of Rotterdam. That's given the enormous interest indisputable”

(Het Vrije Volk, 02-07-1981)
New Willem Bridge opened. Foto: Marcel Antonisse, National Archives / Anefo

Tens of thousands of people along the route of the Queen and the Crown Prince. As they passed going in many places people over the fences behind the Queen for the first time to walk across the new bridge.

New Willem Bridge opened. Foto: Marcel Antonisse, National Archives / Anefo

“The police were completely overwhelmed and left it for what it was. There was no beginning to keep in place the public. The Marine Band was just not overrun. Meanwhile, the new bridge was swinging through the pedestrian violence. The audience felt the bridge wobbling under his feet”

(Het Vrije Volk, 02-07-1981)


Den Haag – The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in The Hague is hit by a bomb. A hole is beaten in front of more than six meters. The attack was claimed by fax at Radio Rijnmond in a four-page statement RaRa. of Social Affairs officials in charge of searching for illegal immigrants.

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