11 februari 1929 – ICY COLD AFFECTS HOLLAND; OLD MAAS frozen

Dordrecht – By a period of severe frost the Oude Maas freezing close between Dordrecht and Zwijndrecht. And that has a lot of implications. “The whole international traffic, which is mainly operated from the Zwijndrecht Sche spring curdled” (Haagsche Courant, 12-02-1929). In photographs shows that fit which came to define the tug Dagmar. That ship had taken over the conventional ferry service. Only hours after the passengers on board to be removed. Later, a foot- and AutoPath created over the Oude Maas.

Also in many other places in the region, the rivers were frozen.

Car on the ice at Dordrecht. Foto: Regional Streekarchief Dordrecht

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Utrecht / Rotterdam -Utrecht started the trial of Hans van Zon. He is suspected of killing four women. A robbery causes is arrested Van Zon. The victim survives a hit with a steel pipe and hit alarm. The murder of the Rotterdam Elly Hagerstown has not been proven by the court. The lawsuit takes ten days to complete. Hans van Zon is put out of the room several times.

11 februari 2002 - Pim Fortuyn OWN PARTY CONTINUES

Rotterdam – He left Liveable Netherlands does not mean that Pim Fortuyn unemployed sit home. Tonight he announced the beginning of their own party: LPF (List Pim Fortuyn). President Stud Liveable Netherlands was here before know that the rift between Fortuyn and the party can not be repaired. The immediate reason is Volkskrant interview last Saturday. It Fortuyn said that he believes that the prohibition of discrimination on the kick must. This creates a lot of noise, binnen- and outside the party.

11 februari 2010 - ROTTERDAM MAKES FIRST strippenkaart IN BAN

Rotterdam – In the Rotterdam bus, tram and metro can not be paid with the strippenkaart, a first for the Netherlands. The smart card is fully occupied that spot. The transition was worked eighteen. The system was introduced with the steps to reduce the number of fare dodgers. Especially in the subway was successful, even though people remained circumvent loopholes.


Alblasserwaard - For the first time since 2009 is again massively skating on natural ice in the Alblasserwaard. The ice was thick enough to hold a mill tour. Do total 20.000 people involved in the 25, 50 of 75 kilometer.

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