Den Haag – Hague again Hofstad and residence and move the Royal Family. The move is surrounded by some festivities, but there are also protests of youth, who speak of an "Orange plague". Four days later, op 17 augustus, that the three Princes for the first time to their school Hague.

13 augustus 1989 – PLAN football pass G FIRST DAY BIG FIASCO

Den Haag / Rotterdam – To the annoyance of the clubs, supporters and the KNVB is in summer 1989 entered the football pass. Which only needs to prevent rioters come to the matches. Already on the first day of the season goes wrong, As with Utrecht - Feyenoord and Den Haag - Ajax hundreds of supporters (without pass) require them to buy a ticket. Fearing riots supporters may still inside.

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13 augustus 1996 - POPULAR TV PSYCHOLOGIST Diekstra accused of plagiarism

Leiden – The popular TV psychologist René Diekstra is accused of plagiarism. In his book "The upside 'he 13 pages are copied almost verbatim from an American book, writes Pretty Netherlands. Diekstra is a professor at the University of Leiden and has a practice in Leiden. A commission later concluded that there was no plagiarism (its definition was not clear enough), but that he was careless. Later he went to work for the city of Rotterdam.

13 augustus 2015 - CLOTH IS FOR IMTECH IN GOUDA

Gouda – Gouda installation Imtech is declared bankrupt. The company was already longer in financial difficulties. The company employs about 22.000 mensen. Certain parts of the company be sold, allowing thousands of jobs retained.