15 augustus 1993 - circus REOPENED WITH AMERICAN blockbuster

Scheveningen – Scheveningen is premiered by the American blockbuster The Phantom of the Opera. It is the first piece played in the new Circus Theater in Scheveningen. Joop van der Ende wanted a permanent playground for musical and had bought the Circus for one guilder. Then it was completely refurbished.


15 augustus 1991 - Prime Minister Lubbers pelted with EGG IN COMMEMORATION

Den Haag – During the commemoration of the war victims in India Monument in The Hague throws a man who has been in a Japanese prison camp an egg against the Prime Minister. Among the victims of the Japanese occupation was anger arise on the occurrence of Lubbers during a visit by Japanese Prime Minister. Who had expressed regret, but did so only in rooms. Lubbers had apologized for incidents during the visit. That shot the Indian community in the wrong way.

15 augustus 2006 - FAAS WILKES DECEASED

Rotterdam – Former football player Faas Wilkes dies at the age of 82, ball virtuoso and one of the first professional players in the Netherlands. He went abroad through Xerxes and played with Torino, among others, Valencia at Inter Milan. He came 38 times out for Orange. In those games he scored 35 keer, an exceptional amount.