15 november 1970 - FEYENOORD-KEEPER shoots LIVE GULL IN THE AIR

Rotterdam – During the game Castle shoot Feyenoord goalkeeper Eddy Treijtel a ball high in the air to prevent a goal from Sparta. The ball hits a seagull and who survives the blow out. The gull was set up and in the Home of History Feyenoord.


ouddorp - With riding in a bus on the new Haringvlietdam Queen Juliana officially opens the new part of the Delta Works. It ensures that the Haringvliet lake has no direct connection to the sea and thus is sweet.

15 november 1977 - Drechttunnel TAKEN IN USE

Dordrecht – Queen Juliana opens Kunstmin in Dordrecht Drechttunnel. Shortly before she visited the Kiltunnel, which had already been put into service. Minister Westerterp complains about the lack of budget. The Drechttunnel was very expensive, zo’n 400 miljoen gulden. This is comparable to 85 percent of the budget for road construction in the next year. Therefore bottelnek at Van Brienenoordbrug may temporarily not be tackled, says minister.

Foto: Beeldbank Rijkswaterstaat

15 november 1992 - Richard Krajicek IN TOP 10 AFTER TOURNAMENT RETURNS ANTWERP

Den Haag – After the tournament win in Antwerp, the Hague tenniser Richard Krajicek (20) the top 10 of the World ranking within. The last time a Dutchman in the top 10 was was 1975 (Tom Ocher). It also earned him an entry in the Top 8 tournament in Frankfurt. In the final of Antwerp Australian Mark Woodforde was with 6-2 en 6-2 defeated.

15 november 2004 - Pim Fortuyn unjustified 'LARGEST DUTCH'

Rotterdam – In a live broadcast on 15 november 2004 an election is held "Who is the greatest Dutchman '. In the final Pim Fortuyn is declared the winner, but after the program showed that Pim Fortuyn finally 130.000 and William of Orange 161.000 votes could gather. KRO decided to leave the outcome.

The problems caused by the security system, that keeps people can vote multiple times on this candidate. Therefore are not counted all the votes on time.


Gouda – At the national entry of St. Nicholas be in Gouda 90 people arrested. Especially opponents of Zwarte Piet. The Mayor of Gouda had the protesters allowed to come to the main square, but they were still. They all get a fine note of € 220,-. It is thus far the worst off in the debate on buck.

praatpeal. Foto: Flickr

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