16 juni 1984 – WORLD FIRST FOR Blijdorp: Elephant Bernhardine BORN

Rotterdam – In Rotterdam Zoo Bernhardine born. It is the first time that an Elephant born in a Dutch zoo. It is even a world first, according to Zoo, two elephants born in captivity (Irma mother and father elephant Ramon) a young beget.

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16 juni 1979 – ALSNOG P.C. Hooftprijs FOR Remco Campert

Rotterdam - In the Rotterdam City Hall is the final evening mainly dominated by Remco Campert. The writer gets a clear (three years later) by P. C. Hooftprijs 1976, The main prize in the Dutch literature. The organization was in fact 'accumulated quite a backlog'. Campert besides a medal also receive a cash prize of fl. 10.000 gulden.


Rotterdam – For the first time since 1949 bringing a Chinese leader to visit Netherlands. Zhoa Ziyang arrives in Rotterdam (Zestienhoven) and is guided by Prime Minister Lubbers and Mayor Pepper. The prime minister makes a cruise through the Europoort and visit the Euromast. A group of demonstrators Zestienhoven, against the Chinese occupation of Tibet, provides some Chinese irritation. The police can not do anything, because the people on the road. The visit was made possible, after the Netherlands 1983 refused to provide more submarines to Taiwan.

16 juni 2007 - MAN tortured to death PERNIS

Pernis – In a house on the Pastoriedijk Pernis found the body of 28-year-old Björn Jue. He was tortured to death for his PIN, because he has are large sums of money to his bank account, according to his ex-girlfriend. During the torture, the police come to the house to Pastoriedijk, but do not go inside, even though they heard the victim scream and shout in pain.

16 juni 2007 - Betuwelijn opened by Queen Beatrix

Rotterdam – The controversial train service from the port of Rotterdam and the German hinterland opens. In Zwijndrecht Queen Beatrix opened the railway line. In previous years there was a lot of protest, because of the noise and because it had to make way for new homes rails. Especially in Barendrecht and Schelluinen there were houses to the ground for the arrival of the train.


Rotterdam – In a sold out Ahoy MWN from Volendam plays a farewell concert. The band of Jan Keizer and Carola Smit gave performances in 25 countries and received 86 gold and platinum records. The three-hour show is also broadcast on television. There watch between 1,6 en 2,5 million people.

16 juni 2010 - venue WATT BANKRUPT

Rotterdam – that Nighttown (2008) will within a few years already successor Watt bankrupt. The venue had problems with noise, but had no money to fix it. There was an operating deficit. If there appears to be little support during a council committee for a bailout, Watt pulls the plug on the project.


Schiedam – The 13-year old prodigy’ Erik van den Boom obtained his high school diploma. His profile project about Quantum mechanics is furthermore another awards. He enrolled in a physics study in Delft, but remains very interested in music. In the summer he will have a CD called 'Take it', produced by DJ Armin.

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