Rotterdam – For the second time in three years, the world record for the marathon is run in Rotterdam. Ethiopian Belayneh Densano breaks the old record 1985 (from the Portuguese Carlos Lopes). Densamo eventually won the marathon four times. It lasted till 2008, before the course record was broken in Rotterdam (by William Kipsang). The world record remains until 1998.

17 april 2005 - HEAVY Riot at FEYENOORD - AJAX

Rotterdam – A train with Ajax supporters on its way to De Kuip comes to a stop at Rotterdam-Zuid before the match. There the train is attacked by Feyenoord hooligans. The furniture is demolished in the train. The train will eventually arrive at the stadium, but the supporters are being sent back. The police are not getting all supporters back to Amsterdam, zodat er 300 supporters stay behind. Feyenoorders want to take revenge and the ME has every effort to keep the groups apart.

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