17 augustus 1988 - "His Royal Badness' PRINCE FILL THE TANK

Rotterdam – Pop artist Prince is in Rotterdam for three concerts of his Love Sexy tour which would also mark Rotterdam.

The media praised the concert, but the fans are not all. The stage is along the long side, an 'intimate', but because the video screens missing, many people see hardly anything of what is happening on stage. The sound is not too good.

Outside the Feyenoord Stadium Prince does his nickname 'his Royal badness' (His royal villain) honor. This also marks the reporters of The Free People, which are emerging as true papparazi.

"How can a pop star is screened! Accompanied by a motorcycle cop with flashing lights rushed Prince and his entourage of four 'big' Mercedes from Rotterdam. Of traffic nobody pulled something. The Van Brienenoordbrug had 'popcolonne' al a rate of close to one hundred and forty kilometers per hour and had started the race. " (Het Vrije Volk, 18-08-1988)

That race is otherwise lost by the reporters, because one of the following cars, the task looks to block as much as possible the car with reporters. Leaving the column zig-zagging Hague drive is therefore apparently no problem.

Prince staying at the Hotel des Indes in The Hague. He is already half past twelve, to the next two days to Rotterdam.


It also played a problem. Prince gave on the night before the concert in Rotterdam a gig in Norway. But it went wrong. During the performance of people in a difficult situation and fainted.

Prince actually had no more sense in these concerts, under such dangerous conditions,. According to Mojo director Leon Ramakers was there a plan ready: there would be special fences, which would divide the field safely into several pieces. That should reduce the risk of oppression. however, plans existed only on paper.

“That night everyone was in the area called Rotterdam which could weld and miraculously managed to De Kuip for the next day provided the new barriers” (Leon Ramaker, Mojo former director of the Mojo DNA, Sander Donkers and David Kleijwegt).

The next day Prince came to inspect the field. And adjustments to his wish.

According to Mojo other artists were also air the "Mojo barrier’ and then the gate was regularly entered into a contract for a large tire, even when not Mojo was involved.

Sources: Mojo – Prince in Rotterdam

Het Vrije Volk – 18-08-1988 – Pursuit Prince stopped wigpiraterij

17 augustus 2007 - LPF LIFTED

Rotterdam – After the extremely poorly run elections 22 november 2006 (0 seats) the Board decides to do anyway even with the Provincial. That happened in South Holland, Overijssel and Gelderland. None of the three provinces a seat was won, thus as the only remaining Senate seat was. Fell away because it was part of the subsidies it (again) a member consultation, which voted overwhelmingly in favor of abolition of the party. In an earlier vote (21 juli) was already decided, but when there were not enough members present.

17 augustus 2009 - ROTTERDAM duck (12 METER) Punctured IN BELGIUM

Rotterdam – Artwork Rotterdam Florentijn Hofman of 12 meter rubber duck is destroyed by strangers in Maasmechelen. Earlier there was a larger version already in Japan in a port, but in Belgium, people are apparently less pleased. Facebook is a condolence. Two weeks later, the duck back, repaired and all.