17 januari 1972 – OPPONENTS OCCUPY half-demolished REINE CHURCH

Rotterdam – In a desperate act to save from demolition the half-demolished Queen Church in Rotterdam Crooswijk, climbing opponents of the demolition in the church. In the weeks before was (tevergeefs) tried to buy the church, let keep a monument to the political or demolition against. At the site of the church is a residential building for seniors. Later, the church voted 'most beautiful demolished church of Netherlands' (2013).

Reine Church in Rotterdam, Police in church. Foto: Rob Mieremet, National Archives / Anefo.

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17 januari 1976 - BORN TO FIVE LING 's Gravenzandse FAMILY

Rotterdam – With family Den Outer from 's Gravenzande is the big party when the mother gave birth to five children in the Sophia Children. The three boys and two girls first have some breathing difficulties, but then make it pretty quickly good. The mother was treated for infertility in Rotterdam. The probability of multiple births was known. In summer, the family gets a visit from Queen Juliana.

Queen Juliana brings visit to Westland, Queen Juliana s Gravensande family met with Den Outer quintuplets. Foto: Bert Verhoeff, National Archives / Anefo

17 januari 2013 - Russian dissident commits suicide in ROTTERDAMSE CELL

Rotterdam – Russian opposition member Aleksandr Dolmatov commits suicide in a detention cell of the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. He had recently fled to Netherlands, after threats in Russia, but here he was expelled. According to the inspection Security and Justice was not justified.

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