17 juni 1629 - Zeehelden PIET HEIN KILLED AT BATTLESHIP

Delfshaven / Dunkirk - Lieutenant-Admiral Piet Hein, coming from Delfshaven, was killed in a battle near Dunkirk. During a fight with two Islander East privateers Heyn was hit by an eight-pounder cannon. He was instant dead. Hein, best known for overcoming of the Spanish treasure fleet, on 4 july with great honor buried in Delft.


Rotterdam – the body is exhumed in Rotterdam Crooswijk double spy Christiaan Lindemans, better known as King Kong. He would 1944 Operation Market Garden betrayed, whereby the operation failed. After the war, there are rumors that Lindemans not committed suicide and that someone else in the grave (foto) lies.

The tomb of Christiaan Lindemans , alias King Kong in Rotterdam. Foto: Rob Bogaerts, National Archives / Anefo

Those rumors are so strong at one point, the bodily remains be exhumed. It shows that Lindemans it was indeed in the grave and that he had an overdose of arsenic in his body.

For the excavation there is a big news conference, which also are present at the two daughters of Lindemans.

Persconferentie i.v.m. open grave King Kong (Christiaan Lindemans) tomorrow in Rotterdam; two great daughters of King Kong, mw Goussement. Foto: Rob Bogaerts, National Archives / Anefo

17 juni 1989 - quarreling HAGUE ALDERMEN dismissed

Den Haag – The Labor Party forces the Hague aldermen Van Otterloo and Duivesteyn (both Labor) to resign. The two are constantly together at loggerheads over plans for a new city hall at the Hague Spui. Van Otterloo, the plan is too expensive. On an assembly of members, the two are sent away, because they have damaged the reputation of the party. Hall there eventually comes in and 1995 opened.


Rotterdam – Singer Marco Borsato is the first artist in over a week, six times playing in a sold-Cockpit. In total, nearly half a million fans it occur. The numbers of the new DVD (no CD, also striking) See are the focus of the concerts. The most famous song of this series is a duet with rapper Ali B, 'What would you do'.

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