18 november 1918 – MASS DEMONSTRATION ON MALIEVELD: 'WE WANT Queen Wilhelmina and NO REVOLUTION’

Den Haag – On the Malieveld Hague tens of thousands of people come together to show their support to Queen Wilhelmina. A week earlier had proclaimed the revolution in Rotterdam (something that had happened in other countries). But you leave the country during the meeting, that they ulcers absolute fidelity to the royal.

"We knew minute-long ovation - we knew there no, the enthusiasm was expressed for half an hour and longer periods! And so we have an attended today. It was a cheer, a wave with hats and sputtering without again. Crouching, be viewed pleased was the Queen in her carriage. She waved a hand, in token of gratitude sincere " (Haagsche Courant, 19-11-1918)

Adherence Rally on Malieveld for Queen Wilhelmina and Princess Juliana after the revolution attempt Troelstra. Foto: Hague Beeldbank

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Rotterdam – dozens (mainly Jewish) protesters stand in Lantaren Theater in Rotterdam on stage, just before the try-out of the controversial play "The dirt, the city and the death '. The piece would be anti-Semitic. Earlier the piece in Germany also caused an uproar. It was decided that the document can be shown behind closed doors, a few days later, but it is so against the wishes of the people behind the piece, the whole performance is deleted.

Demonstration in Rotterdam against performance Fassbinder “the dirt, the city and the death” Theater The Lantaren. Foto: Rob Croes, National Archives / Anefo

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Rotterdam – Without even one drop of blood flow increases Jonk Frans van Brederode Rotterdam during the lasting strife. The action is carried out quickly and without bloodshed. De 850 people surprise the defenders, who surrender or flee. Ships in port, must give their goods. The items are distributed among the population, so Jonker French immediately very popular.


18 november 1813 - FRENCH LEAVE NETHERLANDS; Triumvirate IS MANAGEMENT

The Hague - The Rotterdam merchant Gijsbrecht Charles of Hogendorp declares that the French occupation of the Netherlands is over. Earlier, the maintenance of order was in the hands of a Orangist and there was no longer maintained if someone wore orange expressions. Op 17 From November shapes Hogendorp, together with Van der Duyn of Maasdal and van Limburg Stirum the Triumvirate, provisional government. The French had already headlong left the Dutch Departments, the Netherlands later.



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