18 september 1968 - WILDCAT AT WHARF Verolme

Rotterdam – The shipbuilder yard of Verolme break 'violent labor unrest' from. One hundred people calling for strike, thereby threatened with sticks. The vast majority of the staff are scared and retreats in the cafeteria. De (communist) activists demand a pay rise and less subcontracted personnel. A few days later the management an ultimatum: at work or dismissal. Then the action is canceled. Wage increase is not.


18 september 1977 - sextuplets BORN IN LEAD

Leiden – For the first time in history sextuplets born in Netherlands. There are four girls and two boys. The children are between two and three pounds each. A team of fifteen specialists in childbirth (Cesarean section) present. The mother was treated with hormones, because she would be infertile. One of the children died in November.

18 september 1992 - POLIO OUTBREAK IN-Alblasserwaard

streefkerk – In the village of Streefkerk at a boy polio (polio) found. The 14-year-old unvaccinated. The Department of Health stores large alarm. The last time that occurred was a large outbreak in 1978. There will be a mass vaccination project, where pretty much use is made of. In total 79 people infected with the virus.