The Hague - A hurricane ravages the Netherlands (with gusts of wind up to 135 km / h and at least four people die. But Radio Veronica's transmission ship also gets into trouble. The personnel must disembark.

Technician Ruud Doets said goodbye to his listeners at four minutes to half past ten.

“This is Veronica's last broadcast. Keep supporting us. Our women can rest assured. Everything is fine with us”

(Ruud Doets, technician Radio Veronica)

The words may have been reassuring, but the problems were quite big. The ship had been ripped off its anchors an hour and a half earlier and lay (the ship has no engine) like a plaything of the waves on the water. A backup anchor also broke.

When water started to enter the ship, a first distress signal was sent. It was then decided to take the crew off board. Ten people were safely pulled over with lifeboat Bernard van Leer.

An attempt was also made to tow the ship to a safer place, but the tug from the port of Rotterdam could not reach the ship.

Work on stranded radio transmission ship Veronica on the beach near Scheveningen (07-04-1973). Foto: Hans Peters, National Archives / Anfo

Radio Nordzee also had to stop broadcasting, because the waves at sea came close to the high voltage cables in the mast. As a result, there was a danger of a power cut on board.

The ship attracts many thousands of viewers. And all that right before a hearing on 18 April in the House of Representatives on the future of pirate radio.


Rotterdam – The first edition of the Rotterdams Dagblad is published, after a merger between the Rotterdams Nieuwsblad and Het Vrije Volk. Het Vrije Volk was the successor of Het Volk. That newspaper first appeared in 1900. After World War II, the name was changed to "Het Vrije Volk".

02 april 2008 - LUCIA B. RELEASED

Den Haag – In the early morning, Lucia de B., a nurse from The Hague, released. She had previously been sentenced to life, for the deaths of seven patients. If it turns out that the victims have died of natural causes, the evidence in the case is dropped and the woman must be released. The investigation will be reopened. Pas in 2010 there is a definitive acquittal.

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