02 februari 1983 - bee movie in Premiere

Rotterdam – The Amsterdam Tuschinski Theater, the movie "the dragon that was not premiered '. the animated film, based on the strips of Rotterdammer Marten Bearer, is seen, among other things by Princess Juliana. The film is about the Zwelgje dragon boosted by Oil B. Bommel.

02 februari 1985 – SLAIN AGENT BY fleeing robbers

Rotterdam – A 25-year-old senior police officer is shot by the Rotterdam police if he is chasing a couple fleeing robbers. According to deputy chief Blaauw is the victim 'trapped'.

Three men of Turkish nationality are almost immediately arrested after the shooting. One of the three suspects in hospital. He hit five times by the victim.

The chief constable was with a driver chasing the robbers an armed raid on an illegal gambling house in Spanjaardstraat. (Rotterdam-West). The two police car the robbers saw standing in the Jensiusstraat. But once they got out of the car they were bombarded, what turned out, a machine gun.

The agent's death is hard on the Rotterdam police force.

Two men convicted 14 en 15 years in prison. Against the gunman had demanded life.

A statue in memory of Willem Schepen in the police station at the Boezembocht in Rotterdam


Leerbroek – In the town Leerbroek (in Meerkerk) a 25-year-old son of a peasant family killed. He was killed by the rest of the family, because the victim was possessed by the devil. If the police come on the site, the mother would have had a lump of flesh in her hands, the newspapers, which the family 'godsdienstwaanzinnigen’ decide.

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Rotterdam – Pepper mayor of Rotterdam late in the Royal Mint in Utrecht, the first 'Porter', The coin honoring the 650th anniversary of Rotterdam. Er worden 100.000 beaten pieces. This year, various activities are held in honor of the birthday of Rotterdam, but some program parts have been removed in February. So the arrival of a statue in the river has been canceled due to lack of funds.

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