20 augustus 1672 – BROTHERS DE WITT lynched IN THE HAGUE

Den Haag – Dordrecht De Witt brothers were put to death by a mob in The Hague. Cornelis was as previously expelled from Netherlands, someone because he would have given the order to murder William III. After an angry mob (the militia, prinsgezind) has previously been stopped, later still penetrate the chamber of brothers, after which they are killed.

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20 augustus 1970 - TEXTILE HAGUE GIANT on an acquisition was summoned

The Hague - The Hague property dealer Cor de Ruiter to give explanation to the SER advice on the recent acquisitions in the textile world to his name. In a few months time he takes the textile shops Schröder, The Lingerie House, Gerzon and Bisschof about. The unions, that completely surprised, fear that at the expense of many jobs and say that fusion rules are violated. But because the SER council can still hand out punishments, it maintains a publicly slap on the wrist.

20 augustus 2010 – SPARTA ALMERE CITY ROLLS ON; 12-1

Rotterdam – During the first home game of the season in Sparta rolls the home team Almere City on. Debutant Johan Voskamp, a day before for the first time meetrainde, scores 8 keer. In break already 6-0, with five goals from Voskamp. Just before the Westlander gets a standing ovation. Sparta now shares the record for the biggest win’ in Dutch professional football with Ajax (Ajax-Speed 12-1). It is also the biggest win ever in the First Division.