Rotterdam – In a bag along the Meuse body parts found in Rotterdam Feijenoord by a passerby. After research, including a reconstruction of the head of the victim, shows that it is Gessica. Pretty soon she was nicknamed "The Maas Girl '. Her father is convicted for the murder to 8 years in prison, but dies in jail after two years of natural causes.

20 juni 1987 - DS'79 SURPRISED Cambuur; Promotion to the Eredivisie

Leeuwarden / Dordrecht - Unexpectedly Dordrecht football DS'79 promoted to the Premier League, after a 2-0 victory at Cambuur Leeuwarden. The profit playoffs seemed a certainty for the Frisians, who had enough of a home victory for promotion. Saillant detail: Kistemaker the season before last was still with Cambuur and relegated after a disaster season '. Now he graduated in Leeuwarden with DS. DS sets a (at that moment) record down by as number nine in the rankings to promote yet.

20 juni 2009 - CLIFF-JUMPING AT ROTTERDAM Leuvehaven

Rotterdam – Rotterdam is once held the event Cliff Diving. Participants jumping 26 meters down into a small pool. The event takes place in the Leuvehaven. Celebrities may also attempt. One of them is top-level gymnast Yuri van Gelder.

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