20 november 1890 - EMMA sworn in as regent ILL KING WILLIAM III

Den Haag – In The Hague, Princess Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont sworn in as Regent of the Netherlands. King William III was physically gone very backward and was unable to rule. The cerominie solemnly, but gloomy tone, given the situation surrounding the king. Three days later the king dies. The Kingship went to the then ten Wilhelmina, but Emma took over as regent true for her daughter.


20 november 2014 - AVIAN PROVIDED FOR SPIKE

Too weird – And poultry in Ter Aar (at Alphen aan den Rijn) Bird flu is established in three stables 43.000 laying hens. The company is cleared immediately. A nationwide movement ban is set for poultry, owner a most. There appears to be unrelated to the outbreak of the disease in Hekendorp, a distance away.