22 januari 1798 - Dutchman LEADS IN COUP Batavian Republic

Rotterdam / The Hague – Three years, after the French invasion in Netherlands, The new National Assembly had tried to arrange a new Constitution for the country, but each time it was nothing out. The newly elected president, Rotterdam wine buyer Levittown Ringh, late 22 January picking political opponents. Then a new National Assembly was composed. Within three months there is a new constitution table, approved by the Member of Parliament.


Leiden – Born in Leiden Johan Beukelszoon (better known as John of Leiden) being put to death in Muenster. He was an itinerant preacher of the Anabaptists and later self-proclaimed king of the Antarctic kingdom in Münster. He is known as a salesman of sweet talk, where today saying "You somewhere with a Johnny-vanleiden of finish’ comes from.

Execution of Jan van Leiden (1536). Illustration in a book by Lambertus Hortensius (1548)

read more: Former 'King’ Jan van Leiden put to death in Muenster

22 januari 1965 - SOLDIERS COME AFTER JOYVLUCHT FROM Valkenburg

Katwijk – Two soldiers from the airbase Valkenburg come to life during an unauthorized flight in a helicopter Neptune. The two men had gained after a night out with the idea to fly a bit, even if they have no license. Shortly after the start they lose control of the device and dump it into the sea.

22 januari 1970 - HAGUE pop band SHOCKING BLUE ON 1 IN UNITED STATES

Den Haag – The Hague rock band Shocking Blue is a European first. With Venus song manages the group has to be the first European tire (from the mainland) the number 1 pick place of the Hot Hundred Cash Box. On another important list (Billboard) Shocking Blue stands for the third week in a row in second place.


Dordrecht – Romeo Forests, winger from Dordrecht'90, The book goes in as the creator of the first goal in the Dutch professional football in the new millennium. The home match against VVV he does after 4 minute opening goal. The second goal of the new millennium is Dordtse manufacture. NICO JALINK makes 2-0. The third goal is made at Telstar – Veendam. Dordrecht'90 wins the match with 4-2.

22 januari 2002 - Deelder IMPROPERLY DECLARED DEAD

Rotterdam – Rotterdam night mayor Deelder is wrongly declared dead on RTV Rijnmond website. Several other news took the news. The RTV Rijnmond website appeared to be hacked.

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