Rotterdam – In the Europoort is the Liberian tanker Energy Concentration in two kinked during the unloading of oil. By a "rookie mistake" (says the director of the Port Authority) hit the ship off balance and snapped it in half. eventually 100.000 liters of oil in the water contact, which is retained by screens in the water. Initially, there arises a panic, because a similar incident in Ireland (Whiddy Island) in January 1979 Oil fire flies and explodes (50 doden).

22 juli 1969 – Heinenoordtunnel OPENED

Barendrecht – The route between Rotterdam and Vlissingen knew after the opening of the Zeelandbrug, Haringvlietbrug and Grevelingendam just one problem case: the lift in Barendrecht. Which is on 22 juli 1969 no longer used, if Heinenoordtunnel opens.

The minister drives an old car by the ribbon. Foto: National Archives / Anefo

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Den Haag – Perhaps one of the strangest ever debates in parliament. During the general debate will PVV leader Wilders and Mark Rutte furiously with each other. Wilders became irritated because Rutte distanced himself from the statement PVV'er Van Roon that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan a “Islamic monkey” is. Rutte then reacted themselves by saying that Wilders himself to do normal.

22 juli 2013 - FIGHT PARTY ROOM RIGHT AFTER THE HAGUE 'LOW sentencing'

Den Haag – In the Hague courtroom broke out a brawl, in the case against a 21-year old Bulgarian, in july 2012 a 13-year-old boy ran over to the Van Boetzelaerlaan in Scheveningen. Against the accused had demanded a community that was too little in the eyes of the survivors. The prosecutor had to wait every effort to bring peace to the minds. According to people in the audience were sure 40 people involved in brawl. The man gets later the judge still nine months in jail.

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