Rotterdam – The Rotterdam City Council approves the plan to fill the last part of the Rotterdam Schie in downtown. It is the part between the Stadhoudersplein and Hofplein. That way there will be a broad highway to Den Haag. Eventually Schie is muted with the debris that was left after the bombing of Rotterdam 1940.


22 juni 1992 – MARINIERS IN ACTION AGAINST nuisance junkies OF PLATFORM 0 '

Rotterdam – A group of sailors-in-training at the Van Ghent barracks in Rotterdam trying to make near Rotterdam Central junk-free. According to rumors as this are pestered a friend of one of the soldiers by the junks of platform 0. The action fails, because the police quickly (possibly tipped) is the spot. Most Marines managed to escape, because taxi drivers in Rotterdam Centraal they offer a helping hand.

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22 juni 2000 - GIRL KILLED IN Schiedams BEATRIX PARK

Schiedam – In Beatrixpark decennial Nienke is put to death. Her boyfriend Maikel stabbed, but still alive. For murder is initially Cees B. convicted, but later found to be innocent. The case therefore receives much attention, by the accumulation of blunders in the police and judiciary.

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