22 mei 1995 - FEDERAL CHANCELLOR KOHL MAKE EXCUSES FOR bombing of Rotterdam

Rotterdam – Chancellor Helmut Kohl visiting Netherlands and is the first in Rotterdam. He said during a lecture at Erasmus University, the bombing of Rotterdam, Fifty years earlier, was a crime. He also laid a wreath at the statue The ruined city of Zadkine. Then Kohl visits also Delft and The Hague.


Brielle – Brielle Jaap Amesz win the reality show The Golden Cage RTL 5. In that show, you should keep it as long as possible in a house. Amesz is characterized by antisocial behavior. In the week before the final he promises viewers that if he wins will give half of his money to charity. After the final turns out to be his own purse.

22 mei 2018 – Plane crashes near Stolwijk; 2 KILL

Stolwijk – In a meadow near the village dump Stolwijk a plane down. The two passengers are killed. The Cessna aircraft had just previously hit some trees and was lost part.