22 oktober 1958 – Algerabrug OPENED; PART DELTA WORKS IS AF

Capelle / Krimpen aan den IJssel – The Queen's Commissioner in South Holland, Klaasesz, opens Algerabrug, the first part of the Deltaworks which is off. The bridge is named after former Minister Algera, The designer of the Delta. He was a few days earlier resigned due to health reasons. On the first day the bridge was open, There is however an immediate serious accident site, where a motorcycle cop injured.

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22 oktober 2001 - GIRL GETS A FACE zero

Dordrecht – The police and judiciary are already months searching for the identity of a girl, which is found in parts along the water. Her little bum behind was found in Zero, Today they attend 'girl Zero' is called. The new method, forensic facial reconstruction, succeeds, because within a few weeks, her name is reported to the police. It appears to be a girl from Dordrecht, killed by the boyfriend of her mother.