23 augustus 1976 - police officers Hanegem's DAYS OUT FOR track

Alkmaar / Rotterdam – The newly AZ's Willem van Hanegem makes quite a few runners with a spontaneous remark upset. After the match against Sparta (22 augustus, 1-1) zegt hij: "I had the shape of a police officer. That's because I've hardly trained ".

The Rotterdam police officer picks Goedgebuur not and Van Hanegem challenges for a fitness test on 10 kilometer.

In October 1976 it becomes clear that the race did not go, according to a article of the NRC Business Journal:

“Many consulting AZ, the boss Wim van Hanegem, on the challenge on the part of the police statement "the condition of a police officer’ where to, has initially resulted in a refusal on the part of AZ to risk their contract player in this experiment. It actually came down to that one feared a letdown William. Finally they came to the cross-country with the proposal, which was fixed at ten kilometers, to shorten two kilometers with the condition, that together and at the same time would cross the finish. The police came this proposal as a "joke show’ and for that reason not accepted” (TVNZ, 04-10-1976)



Rotterdam – deleted a concert of American band Allah-Las in the Maassilo in Rotterdam, due to terror threat. The tip comes from Spain. For that reason, a Spanish bus, which happened around, put aside and searched. There appear to be in cylinders. Days later, a 22-year old man from Brabant is arrested for threat. The man in the van had nothing to do with the case.

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