Rotterdam –  today in 1980 - It must have been a strange sight. You walk on the Lijnbaan, suddenly you stand face to face with an Indian. It could just, in autumn 1980.   In De Doelen was namelijk een hele speciale conferentie begonnen: the Russell Tribunal. This court deals with legal positions of oppressed groups. This time it was to natives, as Indians.

This time it was mainly the rights of indigenous peoples in North- en Latijns Amerika. “De internationale gemeenschap móet deze top organiseren. Daar hebben we zelf geen tijd voor”, a spokesman for the Indians in the run-up to the meeting. “Wij hebben het te druk met overleven.”

To cover the cost will be a benefit evening. But delivers almost nothing on. Rotterdam apparently does not so hot for these subjects.  

During the tribunal be 10 content files handled. Many do not deliver on, because the accused parties (multinationals or governments) do not show up.   The tribunal comes up with a statement, stating that violated the rights of the Indians, does therefore not much difference.

23 november 1577 - Sperm whales STRANDED AT TER HEIJDE

Ter Heijde – In de nacht van 22 op 23 November beaches there at Ter Heijde three sperm whales. According to make eye witnesses the three animals are part of a group of 13 of 14 sperm whales. The three fish attract many visitors. Even from Delft and Leiden are people watching the incident.