23 september 1969 - Cornelis Verolme BANK ON THE PAIN IN THE HAGUE

The Hague / Rozenburg - Shipbuilder Cornelis Verolme, the same shipyard, is firmly interrogated as Verolme his hand will stop in The Hague. He asks for 50 miljoen gulden, to keep open his business. Since the standing committee does not just agree. Verolme must provide transparency and step aside. A few weeks later, he agrees and he gets a bridging loan of 25 miljoen gulden.

23 september 2000 - Inge de Bruijn PACKED ON THIRD GOLD PLAY 'DOWN UNDER'

Barendrecht – With her third gold medal at the Inge de Bruijn swimming at the Olympics is the most successful Dutch athlete in Australia. It is this time the fastest on the 50 meter freestyle, after earlier also the 100 meter freestyle and 100 meter butterfly won (the latter in a world).