25 juli 1971 - ISSUE AKZO toxic death ship BACK IN ROTTERDAM

Rotterdam – The controversial toxic death ship Stella Maris is back in the port of Rotterdam. It's a night before returning at the request of the Dutch government. The ship was a riot occur, because it wanted to resolve dichloro-ethane sea. That caused large protests in countries like England, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Ireland. In the latter country the Dutch embassy even had to be protected by police. The poison is stored on land.


25 juli 1977 - Hash TO RINSE ON BEACH OUDDORP

ouddorp – After already thousands of kilos of hashish was found at the coast, this time it hit home in Ouddorp. Thus, the amount is washed to hashish 4.020 kilogram. What smuggling ship has just dumped the drugs is not clear.



Scheveningen – The auction of 3G networks for telephony in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen ends with a riot. Telecom company Versatel retires because they have received a threatening letter from rival Telfort. In the letter would be threatened with legal action, and after the auction shows that Versatel competed to raise prices. rejected a complaint by Versatel. The auction takes 6 billion guilders, had hoped for much less than politicians in The Hague.


25 juli 2000 – QUICK STOP FOR ROTTERDAM Internet Cafes

Rotterdam – Less than a month after the opening of the two Rotterdam internet cafes are closed. The first, British easyEverything, because of the ongoing disruption (fights, stabbings, betting), the other because there would be operator KPN question of depriving. The cafés thousands of people come down, much more than was expected. A few months later easyEverything may be reopened, but without catering.

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