26 maart 1973 - blaze in ROTTERDAMSE EEMHAVEN

Rotterdam – On Heijplaat fires two pilots to the ground off. These are the companies Deltapoort and Metallurgica. The fire there's a huge black cloud of smoke over the city. The damage is around 15 miljoen gulden. The fire was caused by a fire, originating from a forklift (short circuit).

26 maart 1990 - MERGER AND ABN AMRO clinched

Rotterdam – A mammoth merger in the Dutch banking and ABN AMRO will merge. Thus they are at once the sixth bank in Europe. With the merger creates a bank with giant 53.000 employees and assets of 353 miljard gulden. Through the merger, the new bank will be a global player, Thus, the governors Nelissen (AMRO) and Hazelhoff (ABN).


Den Haag – In a fire in a house on the French Halsstraat in the Hague Schilderswijk get six of the twelve members of a Turkish family killed. Because there were arson attacks on foreigners settings, immediately thought of racist attacks. There are even held anti-racism protests. Later arrested six men, which would have a connection with the PKK. In June, it appears that the family cousin had lit the fire.

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