27 oktober 1977 – ROTTERDAM police into disrepute

Rotterdam – The Rotterdam police Bouwe Kalma becomes discredited when he runs in a demonstration at the German Consulate. That is demonstrated by the deaths of three RAF members. Because multiple officers at RAF attacks in the past have died, participation will not thank decreased by colleagues. Justice demands a suspension, but Mayor Van der Louw will not go beyond a warning.

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27 oktober 2004 - QUEEN FOR READING OUT New Bible

Rotterdam – De Doelen in Rotterdam, the New Bible is officially presented. Queen Beatrix while reading verse 1 to fresh 10 van Genesis 1 in front of. The new Bible is more than 10 working years. The first and the second edition was sold out within two weeks.



Rotterdam – On the Avenue Concordia Rotterdam-Kralingen is the last post of Netherlands close. Along with a post office in Utrecht there were only two open in Netherlands. At all other places, the post office moved to a place in another store. Netherlands had ever 250 independent post offices.