Rotterdam – In the Algemeen Dagblad and Het Volk reported plans for new Feyenoord stadium. Three versions are on the table, two for 30-35.000 spectators and one for 60.000 mensen. Pas in 1934 Also, the members of the club with the plan (large stadium) agreement.

The club presented three plans, which the members could vote. The plans can be found in the Algemeen Handelsblad and Het Volk 28 november.

The most ambitious plan Feyenoord got a stadium 60- tot 65.000 spectators. It must come to the Charloissen Lagendijk. have the whole plan 1.350.000 guilders costs, but should the government and the municipality help pay.

A plan in which the stadium is fully funded by the club provides a stadium by 25- tot 30.000 spectators. Also this stadium must meet the Charloise Lagendijk.

The third plan is for the Varkenoordse Polder, the place where the stadium is therefore now. This was thought a construction, in which the ground was let for 15.000 guilders Trade Burgerhout. There had to be a stadium 30- tot 35.000 spectators. Here, too, do not require funding from municipal or state. There is place for 2500 auto's.

It would be another three years before the ball was through the church. In 1934 voted for a plan with a second ring, with another architect without funding from the municipality. A shipping magnate (Daniel George van Beuningen) pumping money into. In maart 1937 was first played football in the new stadium.

28 november 1954 – Professional football FINALLY FOR FEIJENOORD, SPARTA IN ADO

Region – If the KNVB and the paid union NBvB have talked out their differences on professional football, There is a merger between amateur and professional football. Halfway through the season four classes are started, the top of which 9 (of the 14) go to classes and later the Premier League and First Division. There are 11 teams from the region to: Holland Sport (Scheveningen), Excelsior, Emma (Dordrecht), Sparta, SMB (Schiedam), ADO, EBOH (Dordrecht), Feijenoord, Hermes DVS (Schiedam), DFC (Dordrecht) in Xerxes (Rotterdam).

Ajax – VVV, Foto: Harry Pot, National Archives / Anefo.

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