29 juli 1018 – Glorious victory DIRK III COUNT OF HOLLAND TO VLAARDINGEN

Vlaardingen - An army of the German Emperor Henry II is just outside Vlaardingen defeated by Count Dirk III of Holland. Blank was sent because the Count had begun levying toll on the Merwede, to the annoyance of the Bishop of Utrecht and several merchants. The Imperial army is defeated and according to historians it was an important moment in the independence of Holland.

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Gorinchem - He was 32 years mayor of Gorinchem, but on 29 juli 1971 Knight Van Rappard farewell to the council Gorinchemse. He admits that he is "a difficult product" and that he should take more account of the other. Van Rappard is known as a chastity knight and often in conflict with other parties, especially the City Council. Therefore he is one of the most talked mayors Netherlands. In 1978 He returns to the city council, but as councilor. He is the first Dutchman succeeds.

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