29 november 1983 – Striking garbage MEN HAVE AGAIN TO WORK RIGHT

Rotterdam – Abvakabo union must appear in court, because several parties want an end to a strike, among others Rotterdam garbage men of the ROTEB. The action is over three weeks on. No dirt is collected and no rats are contested. The judge said that the strikers must return to work in Rotterdam. The action was directed against a salary reduction of 3 percent in public sector wages.

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29 november 2006 - two derailments ON NEW RANDSTADRAIL

Den Haag – Hague derail two trams of the brand new light rail. It went wrong twice in the stop Forepark. Certainly 17 passengers injured. The traffic light rail is largely shut down. The problems have been caused by a faulty changeover and too little space to move between the wheels and rails. Later, replacing part of the track. Only in September, may again passengers on the route.


Rotterdam – Mayor Oud van Rotterdam bans the football match between the Netherlands and Germany in the Feijenoord stadium, for fear of riots. Those disturbances could take place after the Kristallnacht of 9 november. Many people do not agree with the riots, which are partly fueled and stimulated by the government.

In De Volkskrant van 30 November let the KNVB know that they are disappointed, but abide by the decision. Moving the match to Amsterdam is not an option.

In the days before, several (especially left wing) newspapers called on to cancel the match. Karel Lotsy, Dordtenaar, later chairman of the KNVB and at that time FIFA director, points out that sport and politics should be kept separate.

Bron: Jurryt van der Voorden / Sports history: Netherlands – Germany canceled after Kristallnacht