03 augustus 1990 - ROTTERDAM 650-YEAR ONE BIG FIASCO

Rotterdam – A 650-year anniversary is cause for celebration… yet? But that party was totally wrong.

The City of Rotterdam had for years 1990 a complete program of events put on legs; with, inter alia, a large amusement park / circus on the Müllerpier and a rock concert (Carthago) on the Maasvlakte.

The year began with the beating of a special commemorative: de Poorter. And that all should have a sign on the wall, because not many were interested Rotterdam. Even the intriguing it was not good. It never came uitiendelijk.

And finally there was the mega fair to Müllerpier. Rivoli (Tivoli, but with a R) fun began, but soon the Rotterdam left are the mega fair links. Too expensive, not easily accessible etc.

The town throws in some extra money at it to make it interesting park, but that does not deliver enough extra visitors. Op 3 augustus 1990 (today 28 jaar geleden) British operator announced that they stop Rivoli. A few months earlier than planned. The park should remain until October.

A year later addressed the question in the Rotterdam city council: "Who called here now walk muddle?’ In a report to former mayor Pepper (next mayor also chairs the organization), but who denies all responsibility. A motion of censure against the mayor has no majority.

And with Rotterdam's 650-year in the books as a failed party with a price tag 12,5 miljoen gulden.



Alphen aan den Rijn – When hoisting a deck in Alphen aan den Rijn two cranes to fall and land on which houses the Hooftstraat. The cranes were on pontoons. Later it turns out that the parties have made serious mistakes in drafting the hoisting plan. Actually this did not go well, experts say. No one injured.

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