Rotterdam – The city of Rotterdam is the future known to Southbank. In Wilhelminapier are buildings over 100 metre high. And there is a bridge between the Willemsplein and Wilhelminapier. So you can go directly to the Coolsingel. Plans for the Southbank created by urban Teun Koolhaas.

The plans are still vague defined in the Free People 3 juni 1987 – “A bridge connects the Willemsplein (where now is the Spido) with Wilhelminapier. … There are several plus minus 100 meter high buildings where people live and work will, while a boulevard in the extension of the bridge connecting the rest of Rotterdam South rechtstreekts the Coolsingel.”

Master Southbank, Teun Koolhaas (1987)

The plans should give a boost to the life and work in South Rotterdam. The bridge is initially still called Coolsingel Bridge. costs: 175 miljoen gulden. The total project would such 1,2 billion to costs, writes TVNZ.

According to Riek Bakker, Director of Urban Development Rotterdam, The plans are ambitious, but desperately needed. “If we do not get things in order, never get him more on order. … Feyenoord was renovated largely. Now begin the work on the spoortullen. also dar. Want all there neit again impoverish, you do not want to continue with the third generation unemployed in a stadsverniewingsgebied round tubs, then you have to get the area back on track (Vrije Volk, 03-06-1987)

The final master plan Kop van Zuid in 1991 of. In 2009 half of the plan still unrealized.

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