03 oktober 1574 – LED appalled Watergeuzen

Leiden – Leiden to get rid of a Spanish siege stabbing the troops of William of Orange in September 1574 the dikes at current Capelle aan den IJssel. It lasts until early October before the water reaches Leiden. The wind shifted in the night 2 op 3 October and the water is so high, that the Spaniards leave. Op 3 October Beggars cruising the city with herring and white bread, something that every year 3 October, commemorated in Leiden.

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03 oktober 1247 - Graaf Willem II HOLLAND NAMED KING OF GERMANY

Den Haag – After the death of Henry Raspe is Count William II of Holland moved forward to become King of Germany. Op 3 October, he was crowned by the archbishops of Cologne, Mainz, Trier. He is supported by the Pope. A few years before William had his farm in "Haga" made a castle. That was the beginning of The Hague as an administrative center.


Rotterdam – Police and justice show a reconstruction of the head of an unknown girl. The body is divided into several bags found in June and July along the Meuse. Research on the DNA database yields nothing on. Therefore, a British expert makes a reconstruction of the head. A short time later, the girl comes from Rotterdam and is of Cape Verdean descent.