31 augustus 1974 - RADIO PIRATES OFF THE AIR

Scheveningen – Radio Veronica stops broadcasting, forced by new law. It is the end of the pirate era in Netherlands, where other stations like Radio Noordzee part of it. Veronica radio broadcasts from a ship berthed at Scheveningen.

31 augustus 1970 - Moluccan OCCUPY INDONESIAN EMBASSY HOUSE

Wassenaar – A group of 33 Moluccan occupied the house of the Indonesian ambassador. He and his family and staff held hostage. When the action is shot dead a policeman. The hostage crisis comes a few days before the visit of Indonesian President Suharto. The kidnappers demand a conversation with him about the independence of the Moluccas. That conversation is not, For a Moluccan minister knows how to bring men to change their minds.

31 augustus 1998 - lifting ABOUT BUYING ART WORK VICTORY boogie woogie

Den Haag – In The Hague, the last (unfinished) artwork of Piet Mondrian presented. It's about Victory Boogiewoogie in the Municipal. The Dutch government pays forty million guilders for the work. That public money goes to such work, for many people indigestible.