31 oktober 1927 - THE LIFT 'TAKEN IN USE

Rotterdam – In the early Monday morning, driving a locomotive on the new King's harbor bridge. The operator will -despite the very early time - a good reason to hear his whistle again significantly. It is the first train going over the bridge, which is later known as 'Hef'.

“In the previous night to 5.07 hours it is a jumbo locomotive, with a tender 100 weighs tons for the first time put into use, while the driver was cheering the whistle, a triumphant cry, answered by the steam whistle of floating cranes which barely four hours earlier had lifted the old swing bridge of her stuff” (Maasbode, 31-10-1927)

On the bridge worked for decades. In 1867 (!) began construction of the railway line linking Rotterdam and Dordrecht. There is a swing bridge, but before the First World War, there are already plans to replace a lift.

The platform makes it absolutely impossible for large ships to continue to come into the harbor. Cuts ensure that the plan of ir. Joosting is temporarily put on hold. Until November 1918 a German steamship rams the bridge. The bridge ends up on its side in the water. It takes a week before the damage is repaired again.

It is a sign to the government that the bridge needs to be replaced actually. Pas in 1924 decided to still build the lift. Eind 1927 the bridge is finished.

31 oktober 1573 - SPANIARDS besiege LEAD

Leiden – The Spanish general Francisco Valdez sign with his army to the gates of Leiden. The siege lasts almost a year (with an interval of April and May). The Spaniards wanted to starve the city, as a frontal attack took many lives. During the siege is one of the three Leiden researchers killed by starvation and pestilence.


Scheveningen – Marines Scheveningen prison within. In a few minutes she put an end to a siege that lasted days. The hostages and liberate the hostage takers overpowered, without that there is even a single drop of blood flowing.

The liberation of the hostages is 4 AM. They were held in the church hall of the prison.

"In order to intimidate the detainees were put space with light flares and spotlights in a sea of ​​light and fired some volleys marines armed with Uzi submachine guns off the ceiling. To increase the panic lap one outside the church windows. " (Het Vrije Volk, 31-10-1974)

The siege began on Saturday. In the church hall singing a chorus of probation. Four detainees have a Father, the organist, the people of the choir and some relatives hostage. There are a total 22 hostages. A day women and children be released later.

Two of the captors are Daan Denie and Jan Brouwers, both convicted of a previous hostage. They are known as 'dangerous outbreak'. Yet they sit together in one prison.

Among the captors is a Palestinian hijacker. He demands that a device is put at Schiphol, which can fly them out of the country. The four kidnappers are mutually not agree on how to proceed, which makes it a messy impression. In the night from Wednesday to Thursday Marines fall within the church hall.

The weapons were found prison smuggled by a Benedictine monk from Oosterhout. He had a strong relationship with Jan Brouwers and asked him to smuggle guns into prison. The brother was sentenced to eighteen years in prison.

Hostage in Scheveningen; waiting journalists Scheveningen prison. Foto: Rob Mieremet, National Archives / Anefo


quite Netherlands – 04 juni 2014 – The forgotten hostage Scheveningen

Het Vrije Volk – 31 oktober 1974 – hostages, prisoners caught



Rotterdam – Rotterdam find a true battle between poor locals and the police. It's already restless days. Groups of people come to protest because the council has increased taxes. The army is deployed to restore calm. Action Leader Vletter sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the riots.

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