Scheveningen – Op 5 August, the fourth island is placed Jetty Scheveningen. The pier was built by shipbuilder Verolme, because contractors were denied permission (too busy building houses in a time of housing shortage).

05 augustus 2010 – MURDER IN THE MALLEBOS

Spijkenisse – Farida Zargar is stabbed and strangled in the Mallebos. A robbery that got out of hand, Patrick S., later. The woman's body is not found until more than a year later, on the instructions of the suspect. He was also behind the death of Nanda Kerklaan, several months earlier. He is initially given a life sentence. This will be converted on appeal into 25 years in prison and TBS.

Five years after the murders of Nanda Kerklaan and Farida Zargar, RTV Rijnmond made a documentary about the two murders:

05 augustus 1991 - Taxi drivers HAGUE IN ACTION AGAINST Treintaxi

Utrecht / Den Haag – Zo’n 300 Hague angry taxi drivers go to Utrecht to perform at Central Station action against the introduction of the train taxi, an initiative of the NS. Some drivers even go down on the track, node so that the train can not be used. The action ended, after Citytax decided to run no taxi's in The Hague. Previously had already become known that would go away no taxi's in Rotterdam.

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