05 oktober 1980 – COLLISION ON OLD MAAS ferry crossing; 7 KILL

Dordrecht – Come to a collision between a barge and a ferry between Dordrecht and Zwijndrecht seven people dead. The ferry is run over and is upside down in the water right. The cabin seven people rescued, in a bubble to keep alive know.

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05 oktober 1690 – BAILIFF HOUSE ISSUE IN ROTTERDAM stormed and shelled

Rotterdam – The highly unpopular bailiff (Police and public prosecutor in a single) made it so fur, a crowd bombard the house of the sheriff with guns. In addition, the death of a tax auditor also plays a major role. The riots go down in history as the Kosterman Riot.

Kostermanoproer – Rotterdam Municipal(GAR / T,XXXIII 24)

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05 oktober 1971 – THIEVES strike at Dordrecht Museum

Dordrecht – Thieves break into the Dordrechts Museum and take four panels and three paintings with. The pieces are include Albert Cuyp and Aert van der Neer. Together, the works are such 155.000 guilders worth. The security of the museum turns out to be extremely poor.

Girl Portrait of Arnold Houbraken. Among the stolen works. Foto: Dordrecht Museum

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Den Haag – On the Malieveld of The Hague, the largest trade union action in history site. Zo’n 250.000 people campaigning against plans for the WAO- and Sickness. Also, action is taken in the rest of the country, even in the port of Rotterdam, where the court had forbidden actions. Cook the government does hold fast to the plan and the cutbacks disability and sickness.

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