Rijswijk / Den Haag - Today in 1974 – Noise to Schenkkade in the Hague Bezuidenhout, because after a police raid agents have known master cracker Aage M. arrested. There he was in hiding, when he was four months earlier escaped from prison.

“master Kraker” Aage M. edited safe with thermal lance regarding presentation of his book “My nights with the thermic lance”. Foto: Rob Bogaerts. Foto: National Archives / Anefo

Aage M. (Meinesz) was known for his highly professional crack. He used his patented "thermal lance '. He was convicted in the 70s to 4,5 years in prison, because he managed to get more than a million guilders a couple of burglaries.

But breaking out of prison was not an issue. In april 1974 He takes off his flight and Hague. He was caught by an officer from Rijswijk, Aage who had a relationship. A short time later she resigns.

In the meantime, stay Aage M. in The Hague. In the house at the Schenkkade are a variety of guises, such as a fake beard, in order to hide that he is the master cracker. He even travels to Belgium and Germany to send as postcards to the police. But astray with 'Greetings from Aage’ does not work.

The police has already tipped the residence in The Hague. If the telephone then also tapped, detectives get Aage M. also hear themselves.

Op 6 August fall over 20 agents within the housing to the Schenkkade.

“Aage turned white and stood rooted to the ground when he was in his bedroom, where he was aroused by just footsteps of detectives on the roof, suddenly looked over the service pistol of the Superintendent J. Posthumus (31), who led the carefully prepared arrest” (Telegraph, 07-08-1974)

Aage M. is still his sentence. When he gets out, then he goes back into the error. He was again sentenced to 30 months in jail. In 1985 he dies.

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