07 juli 1976 - STRIKING TRANSPORT: A drilling rig THE NEW WATERWAY

Rotterdam – A 110 meter high drilling rig is the Maasvlakte towed out to sea. That's on the way to Norway. It is the largest transport in the port of Rotterdam until then. Many thousands of people watching from the side how the colossus by 12 tugs is pulled.

Oilrig Andoc is favored by tugs. Foto: Government Information, Nationaal Archief

On transportation was some hassles, because Airside and Rijkswaterstaat black and white wanted to Andoc builder would pay compensation, if that would be created. According Andoc had appointments all around and the company licensed threatened with a lawsuit, but the parties still come out at the last minute, so the job can proceed.

People watch as the rig is towed to sea Andoc. Foto: National Archives / Anefo


Rotterdam – After perform six months of action with procrastination and surprise actions, there is an agreement in the cargo sector in the port of Rotterdam. Port Workers were angry about the announced redundancies in the harbor. Which were dismissed by the agreements. Eventually, the editor of the Free People negotiates (!) between the two parties and there will still agreement. The union wins, no redundancies are.

07 juli 1954 – TOUR DE FRANCE DRAW BY THE HAGUE, Rotterdam and Dordrecht

Region – The first stages of the Tour de France 1954 passes through South Holland. After the start at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam is the pack by Haarlem, Noordwijk, Scheveningen, The Hague. Rotterdam follows the provisioning, after which the pack about the Rijksweg (A16 not) Go to Dordrecht. As the riders pass the old Moerdijkbrug to Belgium. The finish is in Brasschaat. Dutchman Wout Wagtmans comes first across the finish line.

Tour de France 1954 – Amsterdam – brasschaat. Beelden: Polygoon 54-28, Institute for Sound and Vision

07 juli 1996 - Krajicek WIN WIMBLEDON

Den Haag – Dutchman Richard Krajicek (Born in Rotterdam, grew up in The Hague) win a major tennis tournaments in the world: Wimbledon. Having previously top favorite Michael Stich and Pete Sampras beats, he manages to defeat in the final Malivai Washginton.


Den Haag – According to the Algemeen Dagblad runs the Province of South Holland lot of money missing from the bankruptcy of the trading Ceteco. Later it turns out that the province 2 billion guilders invested tax money. The county gets 47,5 Lost million guilders. The affair leading to the resignation of the commissioner of the queen and three deputies. Comes after a ban on banking by public bodies.

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