08 november 2007 - Maeslantkering CLOSED DUE TO HIGH WATER LEVELS

Hoek van Holland – For the first time in ten years of existence, the Maeslantkering have to close due to high water levels. In the years before the barrier was in the New Waterway sometimes close, but that was when only a test. Now there was an extremely high water (2,85 +NAP), partly caused by a north-westerly storm.


08 november 1996 – SUBMIT BOM FEYENOORD DEAL UNDER Sport7

Rotterdam – If the KNVB sells television rights to Sport7 is Feyenoord (and Dordrecht'90) it disagreed and get it to the right. In an interlocutory judgment decision the court that Feyenoord is right and that the KNVB so wrongly sold the images to match Sport7. According to the court, the club owner of those images. The ruling provides a quick end of the transmitter. Exactly one month later, the last broadcast of Sport7.

Sport 7

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