Rotterdam – Just before the departure of the SS Rotterdam Gutenberg finds a huge explosion on board the ship. One is launched from the boilers and is tens of meters further down the street. Many diamonds fall in the immediate vicinity. Several people come on board.

picture postcard. Stadsarchief Rotterdam

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09 augustus 2016 - KIJKDUIN engulfed POKÉMON GO PLAYERS

Den Haag – attract thousands of young people to Kijkduin, there to play a new computer game Pokemon Go. There there are many rare animals, you can do with your mobile phone, which from near and far come to Kijkduin. At Deltaplein even unveiled a Pokémonbord, Kijkduin which itself proclaims the Pokémon capital of Netherlands. Still there are traders who do not welcome the young people and the problems they entail.

09 augustus 2007 - MEGA TRANSFER YOUNG Feyenoord's Royston Drenthe

Rotterdam – The 20-year-old footballer Royston Drenthe makes a mega transfer. The best player on the European Championship Under-21 makes the move to Real Madrid. According to Spanish media Madrileños pay 13 tot 14 million for the left back. In Madrid he will be team-mate Ruud van Nistelrooij. Drenthe plays in three seasons 46 competitions for Real, but then put on sale. Since then he has managed to convince nowhere.