09 februari 1968 – ROTTERDAM HAS A METRO

Rotterdam – With the push of a button, Princess Beatrix in De Doelen officially opened the Rotterdam Metro. The first underground line of the Netherlands runs from Central Station to Zuidplein. This is the shortest metro in the world.

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09 februari 1951 – OIL FIRE FIVE firefighters VLAARDINGEN COST LIVES

Vlaardingen - When an oil fire died in Queen Wilhelmina Port Vlaardingen five firefighters. The car in which the five were pulled into the burning waters of the harbor in. Of the seven passengers survived the disaster not five. It is still the fire accident with the most deaths in the Dutch history.

Firefighters killed in Vlaardingen. Photographer: Van Duinen, National Archives / Anefo. License: Public Domain

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09 februari 1963 - DOUBLE MURDER Brekel FIELD

Rotterdam – In de nacht van 8 op 9 February, in a house on the Brekel Field in Rotterdam, the bodies of 38-year-old widow Barbara van der Hoff and her 8-year-old son Marcel found. De politie treft een bloedbad aan in de hal. Both victims doodgslagen. The case is still unsolved.


Rotterdam – The Volkskrant Pim Fortuyn said in an interview that he wants to close the borders to Muslims. He wants that removing the prohibition of discrimination in the Constitution. He believes that people should be able to say what they think. The ruling creates a storm of criticism. Within a day late party chairman Jan Nagel know Fortuyn is no longer party leader at the polls.