09 januari 2000 – Gratuitous violence in VLAARDINGEN

Vlaardingen - In Vlaardingen the 17-year-old Daniel Cotthem deceased. He has two days earlier on the Vlaardingen Oost-station, unprovoked, knocks on what other young people. Later that he suffered a fatal internal bleeding through one of those blows.

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09 januari 1988 - FIRST IN DUTCH WK DARTS

Den Haag – Bert Vlaardingerbroek (Den Haag) is the first Dutchman to penetrate knows the Embassy, World Cup Darts. He takes it in the first round against Bob Andersen, an Englishman and goes with 3-1 lower. "Big Bert" would 1989, 1990 en 1992 again make the main event, but turns off every time in the first round.