Brielle / Gorinchem - Seventeen Priests which are a month earlier were taken from Gorinchem by the Watergeuzen suspended in Brielle or landed on the Stake. The day before there was a kind of hearing, the group was asked to renounce their Catholic faith. Because they do not, they are put to death.

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09 juli 1969 – Schevenings EUROVISION NOT A GREAT SUCCESS

The winning Spanish team at Singing Europe in '69 Schevenignen. Foto: maker onebekend. National Archives / Anefo

Scheveningen – The international song festival Singing Europe in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen had a 'noisy' first edition. The final day has a huge riot, the points giving a Spanish judge to the Belgian entry. The organization must eventually interfere with profits. The whole event, which lasts six days, Also once a financial deficit of 130.000 gulden. There is ultimately no second edition.

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