Rotterdam – After a tough return against the Argentinian Estudiantes, Feijenoord wins the World Cup. Na de 2-2 in the first leg is the 1-0 victory in De Kuip enough to take the cup. How hard the match is is evident from the fact that the glasses of pinch hitter Joop van Daele do not make it to the end of the match. During a riot the glasses are taken away and kicked to pieces. Van Daele can laugh the loudest at the end of the match, because he makes the winning goal. Afterwards, there will be a gigantic party on the Coolsingel for the second time in a few months.

09 september 2016 - DUTCH T-REX TO SEE FOR THE PUBLIC IN Leidend

Leiden –Trix, the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, presented. The T-Rex was found in Montana, USA, where paleontologists from Naturalis helped to get the skeleton out of the ground. The skeleton was purchased through crowdfunding. There are only ten complete skeletons of this dinosaur in the world.