WARNS - In a battle against the Frisians William IV, the Count of Holland and Hainaut killed. The count itself has no legitimate offspring and therefore no heir. That could lead to a troubled period.

The Count was killed in a campaign against the rebellious Frisians. After digging earlier Utrecht had to its knees During a siege William IV went to Friesland. There he was in the fall lured and put to death.

William IV was killed in Warns. Jacob de Vos, nineteenth century


William IV went this morning with an army of certain twelve soldiers from Enkhuizen direction Stavoren. That port was Until recently the only place in Friesland that William IV was favorable, but after it was known that there was a Dutch army to Friesland, have Friezes taken the city.

Due to bad weather, the fleet was divided into two. William arrived, as planned in Stavoren. But his uncle, John of Beaumont, came a piece of land south.

The moment came when Duke William landed in Friesland, his troops went straight into the attack.

"He flew six hundred, without proper procedure and without Wachen the ontscheeping of others, furious with the Frisians loose, jerking it seems the neighboring village, they set fire. "

(Herring Wiegers Tjitses, Common uses history of Friesland: a people reading book, once. 144)

The Frisians had somewhat underestimated the number Dutchmen who had come ashore.

"Upon hearing of the rising smoke and fire shots with the Frisians, and gewled, thinking that they had to fight just one single gang Hollanders, They attacked them with united forces, and made a great battle chatting among them, although not wholly without losing their own side. Earl stabbed with his own hand Eenen Fries Chien Edelman, the captain or lieutenant governor was in the burned village. "

(Herring Wiegers Tjitses, Common uses history of Friesland: a people reading book, once. 144)

Meanwhile, the church bell of the neighboring villages sounded. From these villages were Frisians to help. Their numbers gradually increased further and the knights turned from Holland with their heavy equipment still a lot less agile the angry farmers from Friesland.

"The Frisians, whose anger continued to increase their number, one fought with indomitable courage, how the number of their enemies now by ontscheeping, which had meanwhile site, to a great crowd had grown. Amid the bloody battle killed at last the Count himself, and victory declared itself on the Frisian side. "

(Herring Wiegers Tjitses, Common uses history of Friesland: a people reading book, once. 144)

After the death of the Count the Dutch army hit the flight. There are certainly killed hundreds Dutch. The death toll at Friese side is not yet clear.

The four men Montfoort. Four of them survived the battle not. Painting in the Rijksmuseum


Count Willem had no legitimate children. Probably will he was succeeded by his sister Margaret of Bavaria.

By marriage politics of his father, Willem III, is the chances are that a claim will also be made from other countries the title Count of Holland and Hainaut.

That's how daughter Margaretha married with Emperor Louis de Beier, Filippa with Edward III of England, Johanna with the Duke of van Jülich and Isabelle with Robert van Namen. Willem was the only son who grew older than 10 jaar.

Local powers may also play a role. In recent years, Willem IV has included quite a few representatives of the cities in the Council of Holland to finance his expensive battles.

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Hoe ging het verder?

As expected, William IV was succeeded by his oldest sister, Margaret of Bavaria. But more countries were on the ropes and this started the longest power struggle / civil war our country has ever had seen: the lasting strife.

Margaretha and her uncle Jan van Beaumont tried the country in the right direction. But there were also many loans from Willem IV a complicating factor. Willem V, son of Margaretha and nephew of Willem IV, was appointed as count, but many cities were already finished with the very young count.

Then there was a battle between cities that were on the side of Margaret (corners) and the rebellious cities (cods). The fight would last until 1428, when Jacoba van Beieren gave up the battle with the Zoen van Delft.

There is some criticism about the story about the battle at Warns. Much has been written about it, but not all historians agree on the content. Some Frisian stories would be grossly exaggerated. Even about the location (Warns) is not a certainty.

Still, Warns still has a commemorative sign with the text 'Rather dead than slave'; rather dead than slave.


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published: 25-09-2019

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