Capelle aan den IJssel - With the press of a button White, Minister of Transport this afternoon the first part of the Delta Works commissioned; Dutch IJsselmeer barrier. It is also open the adjacent Algerabrug. This makes it possible for the first time to come from Krimpenerwaard a bridge in Rotterdam.

Public interest in the commissioning of the bridge and the Dutch IJsselmeer barrier was overwhelming. The was mainly the Krimpense side completely full, White then minister addressed attendees.

* Flood barrier under construction, oktober 1957. Foto: Herbert Behrens, National Archives / Anefo

On the bridge worked five years. Al begin 1954, less than a year after the floods that killed almost two thousand people died, began with the barrier which the lowland between Rotterdam, to protect Amsterdam and The Hague. The barrier is 80 meters long and weighs 620 your.

In May this year the bridge was equally tested. Then came Queen Juliana's take a look. Today is the first part of the Delta Works completely finalized.


The corresponding bridge is named after the month being stepped Minister Algera. The minister was largely responsible for the creation of the Delta, but had to resign due to health reasons. He was present at the opening of the bridge.

* Minister White press button that the storm surge barrier is placed in service. Foto: Harry Pot, National Archives / Anefo

Commissioner of Koninginin Klaasesz sight yet addressed the minister during a speech.

"In your person we want to honor the great achievements today, carried here. The provincial government had sought a short name for this bridge. Everyone was convinced, that could not be spoken in the future of the "fixed link across the barrier of Krimpen aan de IJssel."

(Commissioner vd King Klaasesz, Trouw, 23-10-1958)

The temporary minister White a moment to get used to the ceremonial acts appeared soon after. When photographers asked for more pressing once on the button of the weir, a spare photo, The Minister expressed the wrong button. Thus the bridge was part of the Algerabrug down. Operators in the engine room could manually intervene to make up the fault of the minister.


A short time later became the Algerabrug officially opened. After a band and lots of buses had crossed the bridge with dignitaries, were also other interested parties to use the bridge.

The afternoon has been the traffic around the new bridge deadlocked. The free shuttle van Krimpen aan den IJssel to Central, where hundreds of people had registered for, could hardly get through heavy traffic.

Passengers were elated at the bus on time gain new bridge offers them now. Until today, people had to take the ferry to the other side. Some talked about half an hour to three quarters time gain. The new route is much cheaper, said another.

"Mr Van der Pauw (timmerman) Hol (florist) works in Rotterdam. Previously, they had to get jobs first travel by bus to Gouda. That lasted three quarters. At the same time they are driving straight to Rotterdam. Mr Hol sees another advantage: "It's eleven guilders per month cheaper"

(Het Vrije Volk, 23-10-1958)
* The flood barrier a few years ago just after the start of construction. Foto: Beeldbank Rijkswaterstaat. Photographer: Ton van Sluis.


The commissioning of the new river crossing, also meant the departure of the same ferry. This afternoon ferryman Jan van der Ruit has been put in the spotlight once. His seven-year-old granddaughter Connie arrived with a bouquet of 75 roses, for each year of the family Van der Ruit was responsible for the ferry.

Also many regular users of the connection (some even longer than 40 jaar!) had come to the last crossing. several workers were on the side waiting for the ferryman. They have in recent years used a lot of the spring and therefore knew they were would mean the end of his career.

However, Van der Ruit was (71) not sorry below. It was time for his retirement, he told Het Vrije Volk. He did not expect such an exuberant farewell.

"I never thought, it would be so. If you often deal with public grumbling, you do not expect this at all "

(ferryman Jan van der Ruit, 23-10-1958, Het Vrije Volk )

Hoe ging het verder?

Nou, The bridge is still there. In the 70s is replacing the big weir. That, incidentally, was a hefty surgery.

In september 2018 Dutch IJsselmeer barrier became a national monument.

Author: Dave Datema

published: 23-10-2018

story number: 99

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