GORINCHEM - Gorinchem-East and Laag-Dalem are being evacuated. Mayor IJssels had this announcement tonight for the visitors of one of the three information evenings in the district. The water level in the river Merwede is now so high, that the neighborhood is in danger of being flooded. Boven-Hardinxveld may also be evacuated.

At the meetings in the Elzenhof in Dalem and De Oosterbliek in Gorinchem-Oost explained to the mayor that the threat is very real is. Like the dikes of the Tielerwaard, where Laag-Dalem is the western tip of forms, collapse under the water pressure, that the water runs first to the lowest point. And that is the eastern part of Gorinchem.

“When it hits, is it good hit. That is no longer a Limburg situation, where you can still wade through the water. But that is really a disaster. ”

(Mayor IJssels)

If the dike breaks between Vuren and Dalem, a layer of two meters of water will be in the houses within three hours, IJssels said. Some people live in the area 9.500 mensen.

IJssels has more measures at the meetings announced. For example, the schools will close this week and people have to be bedridden have gone to the Beatrix hospital in Gorinchem. Farmers in the polder have the was ordered to take the cattle away.

Tomorrow the people themselves will have the opportunity to pack up and leave. Wednesday there is an evacuation obligation. About eighty members of the Mobile Unit are housed in De Nieuwe Kolfbaan to supervise the evacuation and assist. They will guard the neighborhood in the days that follow.

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Full sports hall

The information evening was very well attended. “In the sports hall of the Elzenhof there are about two hundred people ”, the reporter estimated Radio Rijnmond.

The advice to evacuate and an evacuation obligation does not come completely as a surprise. Tens of thousands of people from Limburg, Gelderland and Noord-Brabant had to leave their home earlier.

A number of people had the advice of mayor IJssels not waited and had already started packing.

"I've already left", explains one of those present in the Elzenhof to Radio Rijnmond. "I've already left as a precaution."

And another madam explains that she already has a residence has arranged. "We can go to Leerdam."

The exodus is expected to really get going tomorrow.

A look back at Radio Rijnmond on the evacuation of 1995


The situation is also dire in Boven-Hardinxveld, but still not so bad that an evacuation has been decided. That may follow tomorrow.

The water has now reached the Rivierdijk. Boven-Hardinxveld, met 4.500 inwoners, is wedged between the Merwede River and the Steenenhoek Canal. For the situation on the canal side is serious, residents of the village say.

This story is part of a series about the evacuation of Boven-Hardinxveld and Gorinchem in January 1995. The Waterpoort is closed due to the high water


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published: 29-01-2020

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